Full face-up - 180$

*includes the following services:

- all new make up sealed with MSC,

- lip carving, 
- nose carving,
- philtrum carving,  
- new eyelashes, 
- painted eyelids (with the design/look of your choosing), 
- boggled eyes,
- gaze correction, 
- sleepy eyes, 
- new pull rings (I provide the beads/charms and thread).

~Individual services~


Head opening - 40$ (for EBL/SBL/Middie mold)

- New eyelashes - 10$
- Boggling, gaze correction - 15$
Face clean-up - 35$ (removal/sanding of make-up for previously customized dolls) 


- Eye chips (handpainted by me)  - 20$ (per pair)

- Eye chips change (neo blythe and blythe middie - for eye chips sent by the client) - 20$
- Eye chips pupil painting (for eye chips sent by the client) - 5$ (per pair)
- Sleepy eyes with pullrings - 10$ (I provide the beads, charms and the thread)


- Scalp removal/replacement 25$ (removal of original scalp & attachment of another one) 

- Hair Spa - 15$ (washing and conditioning) 
- Haircut - 30$ (haircut, washing and conditioning) 

~Re-root services~

- Re-root (alpaca/mohair/saran) - 190$ (hair and scalp not included)

- Hair removal from original scalp - 40$

*All prices are in US dollars.
*if you wish to get a quote for your doll, please get in contact with me. 


I will also need an idea of how you wish your doll to look.

I will take photos of the work as I progress, that you will be able to follow on my flickr account.

I pay great attention to detail, but please note that a custom doll will never be factory perfect. 
This is the nature of a hand-finished piece of art.